How Long Does Land Turtles Living?

How Long Does Land Turtles Living?

turtle pets, especially the giant variety, are beloved by many because of their longevity. Turtles can live as long as humans. While this seems like a great life expectancy, don’t count on it. Read on for more information on how long your turtle lives.

Studies reveal that captive painted turtles have an average life expectancy of 60 years, while in natural habitats they can live well over a hundred years. They’ve also heard of accounts of extremely old turtles who lived well over a hundred years in captivity. However, there isn’t a lot that is really known about the natural lifespan of these fascinating reptiles. A more realistic figure would be around 80 years in natural habitats and ninety years in captivity. Click here best pet turtle for more information.

The first thing you need to know is the age of the turtle when you get him or her. Life expectancy varies greatly depending on the species of turtle. In some cases, the shell can even determine how long the creature can live. As an example, sea turtles live for decades, but African-Eurasian species can live as long as humans in good health.

Life expectancy in nature also depends on the diet provided to the captive turtles. Although many people think they are similar in eating habits, not all terrestrial turtles and land turtles eat the same things. Land turtles mainly eat leaves, seeds, stems, and other plant material. Terrestrial turtles eat meat, but not all turtle species do. Their digestive systems are different, so they may have a much different appetite than you think.

Another factor that affects life expectancy in a turtle is its shell. Certain types of turtles live for several years with just one shell, but others (including leather back and reef turtles) must shell out every few years in order to keep their shell pristine. Shell quality has a lot to do with the life expectancy of a turtle, so paying attention to what kinds of shells are provided to the animals living in zoos or aquariums is a good idea.

Of course, you should also consider whether or not the species can live up to 100 years in captivity. Life expectancy in this case is usually measured in years instead of months. Regardless, though, you should always purchase healthy turtles from reputable breeders or aquarium shops. This is your best chance at a long life span, especially if you are planning on breeding the specimen.

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