Types of Online Games

Types of Online Games

Online games are an exciting feature of the Internet and provide a very interactive way for people to play video games with friends and relatives from all over the world. Video games can be played for single players, multiple players and even a group of people on the same server. The possibilities of developing online games with highly advanced technology and features is limited only by the creativity of the game developers and the facilities provided by the Internet. With the help of online games developers, anyone can create his own online game and upload it on the Internet for others to play.

An online game is basically a video game which is either partially or fully played via the Internet or some other computer network available around the world. One of the earliest popular online games was called Super Mario that was initially developed and released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NEC TurboStar). The game was successful and is now known around the world as one of the most recognized video games. Other similar famous online role-playing games developed for consoles such as Play Station 2 and Xbox are Dead Island, Jade Empire and Secret of Solstise among others.

The earliest form of online games were first-person shooter games. However, with the advent of 3D computer graphics and realistic physics, first-person shooter games have developed a unique form of gameplay called first-person shooter video games or FPS. Unlike most online games where the player takes control of a character through a third-party application interface, most of the first-person shooters are made by a company specifically for use with consoles such as the Xbox, Play station 2 and the X-Box. The main article of the game is the player versus enemies, where the player has the option of shooting his enemies if he feels like shooting.

Another form of online Langitqq games are MMORPGs, which are massively multiplayer online games. A large number of subscribers usually forms a community within these websites. Other popular MMORPGs are the World of Warcraft, The Age of Conan, Aion and Linea I and II.

Another form of online games are browser games such as chat and text-based RPGs. These are mostly browser games, and they allow a player to interact with others using text based dialogue boxes. However, there is no option to shoot the other player. Some of the most popular browser games such as Cookie Monster, Legend of Zelda and Super Mario have many sub-genres such as the action and adventure sub-genres of browser games.

The form of online games that combines the entertainment aspect of single-player games with the social interaction of multiplayer video games are the multi-player online games or MMORPGs. In the case of a multiplayer online game, a single player game usually involves two or more players. The aim of the players in these games is to eliminate each other by bringing down their health by one click. The various genres of MMORPGs include sports, strategy, horror, fantasy, hidden object, racing and more. A very popular MMORPG is the World of Warcraft, which has around 25 million subscribers as of this writing.

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