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3 Men Shot & One Man Arrested In Connection With Fetyy Wap Altercation

Paterson, NJ- 3 men were shot in an altercation Sunday night that included music superstar Fetty Wap. The incident took place at 5 a.m. outside an all-night deli in the area of Montclair Avenue and Paxton Street, according to city police Director Jerry Speziale.

According to NJ.com “On arrival, officers found a 34-year-old man with a gunshot wound to a lower leg. A second man was found three blocks away with a gunshot to the torso. Both victims were taken to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center.”The shooter is described as local rapper Raheem Thomas. It is not clear as of yet if he was with Fetty’s crew or the opposing crew;even though it is believed that he is in fact a rival of Fett’ts due to a music beef. The question is What the HELL is Fetty still doing hanging out in Paterson, NJ? With all that money and fame you would think he would watch where he chills at apparently that isn’t the case.

Thomas is charged with aggravated assault, and three weapons possession offenses, police said.

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New Music: Kendrick Lamar- The Heart IV

Kendrick is back! and in his own words, it looks like these rappers woke up a “sleeping giant”. Listen closely. Is he getting Drake, Big Sean or both? Either way he’s given the industry until April 7th to get their stuff together. I guess that means another album is on the way. Stay tuned…

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N.W.B.- Love or Dumps

What matters more to you, the love or money? Formerly known as The Noxmen, Brooklyn super group N.W.B. (Stealberg, T Hope) are waving the flag for Flatbush. On this project they explore success, the ups and downs that come with it, and whether or not the love from all the females that come with it can ever out weigh the love of the money and life style.

Berg & Hope consistently have standout moments individually throughout the tape with Berg walking on tracks like Skydweller & Way Up, with Hope Shining on Watch & Pay Phone. But it’s Hope & Berg’s back and forth flow that prove that these two are even more dangerous on the same track. Love or Dumps boasts and well rounded tracklist of 13 tracks and feature Peme Da God, Teddy Da Don, Jah Dwella, JP, Abillyon & more! Download & stream here:

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I’ll Name This Podcast Later Ep.103

“This week we make Mal admit to being bias, attack Rory’s Pro Trump haircut & Cyn is here to remind me of how loved i am. Also analysis of Remy’s second diss & what is appropriate behavior for ex’s.”