N.W.B.- Love or Dumps

What matters more to you, the love or money? Formerly known as The Noxmen, Brooklyn super group N.W.B. (Stealberg, T Hope) are waving the flag for Flatbush. On this project they explore success, the ups and downs that come with it, and whether or not the love from all the females that come with it can ever out weigh the love of the money and life style.

Berg & Hope consistently have standout moments individually throughout the tape with Berg walking on tracks like Skydweller & Way Up, with Hope Shining on Watch & Pay Phone. But it’s Hope & Berg’s back and forth flow that prove that these two are even more dangerous on the same track. Love or Dumps boasts and well rounded tracklist of 13 tracks and feature Peme Da God, Teddy Da Don, Jah Dwella, JP, Abillyon & more! Download & stream here:

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