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New Music: HEARTAFIYA- So Shigh

HEARTAFIYA has been steadily releasing “fiya” content and is back with another one. Listen here!

New Music: Heartafiya- Don’t Stop The Music

It’s a new year but one thing stays constant, the music NEVER stops! Heartafiya kicks 2017 off right with this one important message. This one is sure to light up the dance floor this year.

New Video: Heartafiya- Pharoah

New Music: Heartafiya- Make Up Your Mind

Just before the Summer heat fizzles out, Heatafiya & Jiggy D return to re kindle the fire!

New Video: Heartafiya Feat. Ella Rochelle – Lucky 7

New Music: Heartafiya Feat. Ella Rochelle- Lucky 7

It’s the season for love and Heartafiya is feeling lucky. Accompanied by songstress Ella Rochelle, Heartafiya brings us a dope new song to vibe to!

New Video: Heartafiya- Battlefield

New Music: Heartafiya- Battlefield

Heartafiya comes back with a thought provoking joint to remind us all that there’s a war going on outside no man is safe from. So next time you step out onto the battlefield, keep his words in mind!

Heartafiya – Vlog Vol 1 Ep 3

Heartafiya Vlog Vol1 Ep1