Chocolate Explained – A Look at the Various Explorations of Chocolate

Chocolate Explained – A Look at the Various Explorations of Chocolate

As far as food additives go, “About Chocolate” is a solid middle-of-the-road offering. The makers of this relatively inexpensive instructional video series do a great job of presenting the basic points of chocolate and other sugary delicacies without falling into the natural sales pitch mode. It’s clearly written, with lots of pictures and some great background info on the health benefits of chocolate, its production and the many ways it can benefit your life.

Not to be outdone, “Chocolate for Kids” from NutriStat Inc. is another well-written, if slightly basic, video series. However, it does help to have some understanding of what chocolate does for your body, and how it will affect you, before watching the videos. There are a few segments in this video series that deal with building up the immune system, and there are a few different types of chocolate that can be helpful. The focus is more on the ingredients, rather than the flavor of the chocolate, which is good.

And lastly, but certainly not least, Cathy Pensler’s “The Chocolate Maker’s Kitchen” is a relatively straightforward yet unique instructional series that is loaded with great recipes. There are hundreds of recipes, some made with simple ingredients and simple methods, like chocolate fondue. Others use pure chocolate with lots of interesting methods, like slowly melting dark chocolate in water, as if it were a gel or glazing it in chocolate pudding.

From her original recipe website, Cathy Pensler has gone on to create a rather large library of recipes for chocolate, and adds to it on a daily basis. This makes for a refreshing break from the typical “what happens when”what to do with it” questions, as she answers those with full flavoring recipes. These are not necessarily the best tasting recipes, but the training and information are readily available and don’t take away from the quality of the recipes. You can also get more information about

And of course, thereis something for everyone with this series. There are “about chocolate” summaries, videos on multiple types of chocolate, recipes, a wealth of resources for further understanding and exploring more advanced chocolate topics. Many of the websites on these DVDs will also provide printable recipes, which can be used as guides.

Another common question, which comes up at least once or twice a year: “Should I consider myself a “chocoholic”? Or should I just enjoy eating chocolate and enjoy it?”

No matter how you classify yourself, or where you are in your chocolate quest, one thing is clear. You are what you eat. And by that, I mean you need to understand and know how to apply it to your diet and life.

Now that’s a challenge I’ll gladly face! About Chocolate is the place to start.

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